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Jewelry That Men Are Allowed to Wear
When you read or hear the word jewelry the first image that probably comes to your mind is that of a woman wearing it. That is why your reaction to your mom’s gift to you of a bracelet is that of a complete surprise. For you bracelets can only worn by women. But actually it is accepted in society today for men to wear some kinds of jewelry. Below you will be able to read about what men can choose for themselves as their jewelry.
1. Rings
When it comes to rings, what people think that are rings for men are wedding rings only. But if you look for info. on it you will soon realize that there exists other rings for men. If you search the topic on rings for men on the internet you would easily be able to find out about it.
One such type of rings for men is the signet ring. This kind of rings for men has their family symbol or crest in it. That is why it is with great pride that they wear it. Another example included in the rings for men that they can wear in public is the university or frat ring.
If you find yourself wanting to wear a ring that isn’t any of those mentioned above of course you have the freedom to do so. What you just need to do is to choose among the rings for men that have a design that is classic so that it will remain appropriate.
Yes of course men can wear this piece of jewelry. If you read up on it you will realize that this has become quite a trend for different people recently. There are actually different types of it that you can find now for sale.
Beaded bracelets
Such type of bracelet comes in different colors but most men choose the black ones as these appear more masculine.
Leather bracelets
This is considered to be the most popular among the kinds of bracelets that men wear. It is actually easy to match this bracelet with any outfit.
Bracelet Cuffs
Bracelet cuffs can be made out of different metals. If you are going to wear this piece of jewelry just remember to not wear it on the arm where you have your watch.
3. Watches
Among all the jewelry items that men wear this is considered to be the most ubiquitous one. Although perhaps they are not aware that this is categorized as jewelry already. When it comes to watches there are many styles that men can choose from.
Such piece of jewelry is worn during a formal occasion.
Tie Clips
These serve the purpose of keeping your tie in place. It doesn’t mean that you have to choose a bland one for this. You can make yours fancy by having something engraved on it.