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How People with Disability Use the Internet
Before the internet was not the same as it is today, it had some ugly pictures, disorganized content, and ugly colors. Those who used the internet then, can claim that it was boring compared to what we have today. Today we have millions of people using the internet from all over the world. Most of them have no problems as they use the internet. There are people who might not know if the disabled can use the internet.
The truth is, it is easy for anyone with disability to navigate through the internet easily. Through some changes in technology, it is now possible for anyone to use the internet. People with disability are able to have fun from the internet like other people do.
Those who might not know how the internet has changed to be used easily by people with disability, the following are some of the technologies that have brought changes to the internet.
There are vital devices that can be used to help anyone with disability. The main reason we have some of this devices is to make sure that anyone in this world can easily navigate through the internet. It is easy for anyone who is dump, deaf, blind, has cognitive disability, or physical disability to use the internet easily. Through the following devices, anyone with disability can easily use the internet.
There are some alternative keyboards. Not everyone who can easily use the normal keyboards. Anyone who might not have some hands or legs might not be able to use the normal keyboards. You need to find an alternative if you are in such situation. Alternative keyboard has options that include on-screen, eye-gaze, and sip-and-puff switches keyboards. Each of these keyboards has a special way of sending input on the computer.
Braille screens. It is possible for a blind person to get any information from the internet using the braille screen. The braille screen uses some dots to display information by lowering or raising the dots to help one read what is in the internet. It is now possible for the blind people to have the best moment ever while using the internet like a normal person could be having.
We have the screen magnifiers. In most cases, you find that people deal with poor eyesight when they age or fall sick. It has become hard for anyone with a poor eyesight to use the internet like a normal person can. The screen magnifiers have made it possible for such people to use the internet since information is magnified on the computer screen making it to look big for one to read. It is now possible for one to use the internet if you have a poor eyesight.

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