A Brief Rundown of

Factors Contributing to Forgetfulness.
You can easily fail people around you by simply forgetting on a deal or arrangements you have made. Forgetfulness is different from memory loss in that it can be experienced by anyone especially in their thirties while memory loss is experienced more in elderly folks above forty years of age. People between the age bet of thirty to thirty-nine years of age show high levels of forgetfulness.
The main contributor to the forgetful nature of people in their thirties high levels of stress. During this age period, the young individuals have a lot of things they need to handle and it can be very stressing for them. Individuals in their thirties need to focus on their careers, buy a house for their future families, marry or get married, get kids and also maintain the relationships with friends and this can be very stressful. With such a high level of stress an individual may exhibit forgetfulness and this makes it very important for them to de-stress, work out, meditate through yoga and also make some time for friends.
Another cause of forgetfulness in among people in their thirties is high levels of anxiety. It is difficult for you to think when you are suffering from anxiety as it tends to highjack your brain. It is also hard for you to remember events from previous days as anxiety affects your short term memory centers. It is advisable to have anxiety treated as this will see you live a normal life by improving your thinking, decision making and judgement.
Depriving your body of sleep can also see you experience forgetfulness. The minimum recommended amount of time you need to sleep is eight hours a night below which is unhealthy for your brain. Some extra sleep will fully rest your minds and rejuvenate the short term memory centers of your brain and this will boost your ability to remember.
There are medications which can affect your ability to remember. Some medicines such as Paroxetine, Oxybutynin, Amitriptyline, and Cimetidine do affect your brains ability to remember. Cold and allergy drugs which contain components of diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, or brompheniramine should also be avoided as they are known to cause forgetfulness. It is recommended that you avoid these drugs at all costs.
The heavy consumption of alcohol is also a major cause of forgetfulness and in the long run memory loss. Taking too much alcohol in one sitting within a short period of time will in the long run affect your brain cells which in turn affects your memory centers and you ought to consider cutting this habit.
Your kids are the last thing that can push you to forget different things that you are supposed to do. Most people tend to prioritize their kids and this leads to them forgetting other aspects around them and in real life.