Blue Sapphire (neelam) Gemstone Benefits Astrological

Blue Azure may be the zodiac gem of Saturn or Shani Graha as known in Vedic Literature. You will find originates from the household of mineral referred to as Corundum and it has hardness of 9 around the Mohrs Scale. It features a Specific Gravity of four.03 and it is dichromatic. Blue Azure is called IndraNeel or Neelmani in sanskrit, Neelam in Hindi, Kabood in Persian and Asphar in Urdu.

Blue Azure mineral is basically a substance of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) with traces of iron which impart it nowhere color. This gem will come in different shades from whitish to dark blue and from purple to blackish blue. These colors also match the 4 varnas or kinds of Blue Sapphires that are offered.

Neelam are found in Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Bangkok and Russia. Top quality this gem is rare and just gems that aren’t synthetic or guy-made ought to be worn for zodiac reasons. Top quality, licensed, natural and authentic Blue Azure gem are most auspicious. this gem is really a cold gem and governs the vata or air element in your body. This gem greatly improves the prospects of native and serves him good.

├é┬áBrahmin Varna – which are whitish blue colored fit in with the Brahmin Varna and fundamental essentials ones which are truly referred to as Jal Neel in Sanskrit, given that they resemble the colour water. These Blue Sapphires are appropriate to become worn by individuals who’re involved in teaching, consultation services along with other spiritual practices. Putting on such whitened colored this gem helps make the person very peaceful in character and provides spiritual inclinations. They are whitish and transparent in the center and also have blue edges.

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Kshatriya Varna which have a purple tint colored are classified as Kshatriya. These gems ought to be worn by individuals seeking energy and position as putting on such gems gives administrative forces. These gems ought to be worn by individuals involved in politics, administration, and paperwork by individuals who occupy high positions.

Vaishya Varna – which are dark blue colored or resembling the colour from the peacock are classified as vaishya varna. These gems are suited to individuals involved with trade, business and individuals who’re self-employed and own some type of business or organization. These types of gems ought to be worn by individuals who only aim to generate wealth and therefore are mainly engaged with finances, financial loans, mortgages and insurance. Such gems have high prices as this is the perfect color for any Blue Azure to possess. This number of jewel is called the Indra Neel and therefore are more costly.

Shudra Varna – which are dirty blackish blue colored without any radiance or luster are classified as shudra varna which gems would be the least expensive. Such gems are worn by individuals who’re involved in some type of service in order to individuals who offer their professional services and skills on the professional basis. They ought to be worn by individuals employed in banking institutions. Putting on such this gem is extremely useful for individuals seeking employment and wish stability in existence. These gems are extremely cheap.