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Ways in Which Singing Bowls are Used for Healing Purposes

The first time that singing bowls were made was in Tibet almost a thousand years back and they are mainly used by Tibetans to perform some rituals. When one plays the singing bowls, what happens is that they produce a sound which has a certain rhythm. They were made of different metals, mostly seven or nine namely copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, mercury and others. A big number of the singing bowls that are used these days are made using three or five metals The singing bowls that have been made using some modern metal are made of similar metals and they also use casts so that they can appear the same so that using them can be quite simple and also ensure that you do not go through the trouble of learning how to play every singing bowl. For individuals who are not so good in keeping time, that is very crucial.

Antique bowls can also be used but they are not common and also more expensive as compared to the modern ones. Crystal singing bowls are made by hand using a large piece of crystal which makes them unique. The many times that you can find singing bowls being used is when one needs to meditate. A lot of people opt for crystal bowls since they produce a higher pitch as compared to the ones made of metal. A lot of the singing bowls usually have edges that are straight which makes them very easy for one to learn how to play them. Singing bowls can also be used during yoga lessons as people meditate.

The main reasons why singing bowls are used include for the purpose of healing, meditating as well as relaxing. During the time when singing bowls are operated, they are known to bring out some relaxing tones which are helpful in creating some harmony between the body and the soul. If the bowls are put on your body, there is a ringing that is produced which makes the waves produced by the sound reach to all cells through vibrations which massage the cells. Before it is too long the body feels relaxed. The bodies that are sick and ailing become healed though such vibrations. While playing the singing bowls, one also experiences some relaxation.

The two main ways that can be used to play the singing bowls are using a mallet or rubbing it with a wooden stick. There are some melodious tones that you can hear from the singing bowls regardless of the way you decide to play them. While playing the singing bowl, it is important for you to lie flat on the ground put the bowl on your chest and then you can start playing it.

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