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How To Tell That A Person Has Been Exposed To Mold

Mold can get its way into the house through various means. It can cause severe or mild health issues. One is required to realize that certain areas within the house molds like. You will come across them in damp and dark places in the house. For instance, you will notice mold on sinks, bathtubs, floor, ceiling, toilets and such like areas. You are supposed to know that one can tell there is mold around by smelling or seeing.

It is always recommended that you act right once you notice there is mold in the house. There are also precautions that you can take to ensure that the risk is reduced. There are also various ways of knowing if one has been exposed to mold. You are needed to understand that the level of exposure differ per person. You can get more information by reading different pages. The discussed here are some of the symptoms of mold exposure that you need to know. One of the common signs is running nose. Most individuals who are more at risk will be the first to display these signs. However, it is crucial to learn that there are also other causes of a stuffy or runny nose.

Coughing is also another sign that one has been exposed to mold. It is necessary to realize that the level of exposure and the severity of the cough are directly proportional. You will realize that the people who have less exposure will not cough much. Itchy eyes is another sign that shouldn’t be ignored. You will realize that coughs and runny nose often accompany itchy eyes. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that most of these symptoms occur at once.

The other common sign is a sore throat. You are expected to understand that nose bleeding is also another common symptom of mold exposure that people will show. It is essential to understand that not everyone affected will experience this. Some will only display a few of these signs. The other thing that you are supposed to understand is that more prolonged exposure to mold comes with other symptoms. Nevertheless, the signs are rarely experienced. You have to understand that being anxious, and loss of memory are the common ones. You will realize that when this happens, an individual will have problems concentrating. You need to understand that the attention span reduces due to the effect of mold on the brain. Other people will also show weight gain as a sign of mold exposure.

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