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Indications That You Need to Change Your Car Battery

Based on research, a regular battery are designed and manufactured in a way that it can be used for a span of six years. In some scenario, many manufacturers and seller of car will give you an offer of a car battery warranty that will last for up to 9 years. As for today, it is very hard to tell how long can a car battery last because it is subjected to different factors that might also reduce its lifespan. In addition, it is also common to a battery to be sometimes faulty so you cannot tell directly if it is broken and you cannot decide directly to replace it with a new car battery. In order for you to be guided before you buy a new car battery, here, we will discuss the indications that you need to change your car battery and buy a new one.

The first thing you need to check is the engine of your car if it cranks but it doesn’t properly start.

The second indication you should consider before getting a new car battery is by checking if the light of your car is still on because once the light of your car don’t turn on, the battery of your car has defect because the light in a car is always dependent to the car battery.

Another indication to consider in changing your car battery is the mood of your car in terms of starting because a car will constantly start properly if the battery is okay but if the battery has a problem the car will sometimes start properly and sometimes it does not start properly and that’s the indication that you should purchase a new car battery for your car.

The fourth indication that is on this list before considering to buy a new car battery is the smell of the car battery because normally, a car battery does not smell bad but if you bump into your car and sense a bad odor just like a rotten eggs, their is a big possibility that your car battery is not working well and that’s the time you consider to buy a new car battery and replace the defective one.

The last sign you need to consider before getting a new car battery is the life of your battery because using an old car battery is not recommended since it is not safe and need to be replaced by a new car battery.

In replacing your battery consider to buy a battery equivalent to your current battery because this battery equivalent will ensure a good effect to your car.