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A Guide to Drug Addiction Therapy

If you are a drug addict or you know someone who is, then it is very important to do drug rehab before it is too late. Many people have died of drug overdose and you don’t want this to happen to your loved ones.

It might be easy to get drug rehab and free yourself from drugs but this is not something that just happens in the center but it is a lifelong endeavor to keep yourself free from drugs. There is a need therefore to cultivate strategies that will help you in situations when you are tempted to go back to using drugs. Drug addiction therapy then is something that a drug addict should undergo. If you go through therapy, you will be able to overcome situations without resorting to drugs. But there are many kinds of therapies that you can use.

If you have unhealthy behavior patterns, then behavioral therapy helps you to get rid of them and change them to healthy ones. The therapist will teach you change your behavioral responses in situations where you can easily revert to the use of drugs. He will also teach you new behaviors that you can use in difficult situations. You then act your new behavior instead of going back to drugs. You will be untrained from making poor behavioral decisions and retrain yourself with positive behaviors. You can view this as your brain being re-wired.

Cognitive behavioral therapy emphasizes on thoughts and feelings behind your behavior. Situations which trigger you to drug use will be analyzed. Here the discussion will center on feelings. Here your feelings about yourself and drug use will be analyzed. You will develop a healthier view of yourself and not a distorted one. Take harmful thoughts out of your mind.

Contingency management is also a behavioral therapy used for drug and alcohol abuse. It uses positive reinforcements to re-wire the brain and help the person abstain from substance abuse. If you have a celan drug test or present at support groups, then these small achievements are given rewards. Aside from material rewards, you also get interpersonal rewards like improving relationships with family and friends, being able to hold a job and getting complimnts for your health. With this, the person is encouraged to continue being sober because of the positive responses from others.

Family therapy is geared towards reconciling the relationships that were broken during your drug addition days. In this therapy the addict shows his family his desire to recover and the family can show the addict that they understand his addiction.

In group therapy, addicts support one another. A group support is important because you know that these people understand you better than others. Even if you just listen during therapy, it can still help you. This is the reason why group therapy is a big part of residential treatment centers.