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What To Buy For A Newborn

It is great news and also scary sometimes to know you have a baby on the way. Parents tend to worry if they have everything they need to care for the baby. We will review all those items in this article. Here is the complete checklist.
You need baby-proofing supplies, to use after the baby attains four months. You need cabinet latches, drawer latches, outlet covers, gates at the bottom and top of all stairs, a fireplace bumper, and furniture anchors.
The nursery section will need the essential nursery furniture such as the crib, and a crib mattress. You could also consider a bassinet, rocking chair, humidifier, changing table, hamper, dresser and baby monitor. Do not buy any second hand cribs, for safety reasons.
In the case of baby liners, you need to buy 2 fitted crib sheets, 4-6 thin cotton receiving blankets, 2 waterproof mattress protectors, and 1-2 heavier blankets for colder climates. If you bring the baby to your bed, you need 4 fitted crib sheets, 3 waterproof pads for under your baby, light comforter away from your baby’s head, a sleepsack, and a firm mattress, not an airbed.
You also need breastfeeding aides, such as some nursing bras, a nursing pillow, several boxes of nursing pads, not less than six cotton bibs, and 6 or more burp cloths. You may also need to add on breast milk storage containers or bags, a breast pump, bottles if someone else will be feeding the baby as well, and nipple cream for the first few weeks. Where you will give the baby some formula; you need to add on a bottle drying rack, at least eight bottles with newborn nipples, a bottle cleaning brush, a few weeks’ supply of formula, and an insulated cooler.
There are also the diaper concerns. You need a diaper pail and liners, a diaper bag, diaper cream, unscented baby wipes, as well as 6-10 cloth diapers and 6-8 diaper covers, or 2-3 boxes of disposable newborn diapers.
For those occasions when you will go out, you should get the baby a sturdy car seat. You wind more info in this review on car seats and other accessories.
When it comes to baby clothes, you must buy 4-8 one-piece pajamas, 4-8 onesies, 4-8 undershirts, 1-3 sweater jackets, 1-3 rompers, 4-7 socks, 1-3 hats, a soft cap that covers ears for the winter, and broad-brimmed for the summer, no-scratch mittens, and a bunting bag.
It is wise to consider getting some toys and calming items. There is also the sitting stage to think of. The baby’s medicine cabinet is also important, and must have petroleum jelly, a thermometer, infant Tylenol, an electrolyte drink, a nasal aspirator, and a first aid kit.
Baby bathing supplies must include four washcloths, baby bath wash, cotton swabs and balls, baby shampoo, nail clippers, baby comb or brush, and two hooded towels.
A newborn needs these items for them to stay safe, comfortable and remain healthy. You need to get the bulk of the items before delivery. You can visit this site to learn more about kids and parenting.